Some Things Change , Some Things Dont.

I noticed this weekend that the color of the water is changing from a blue to a light green. Maybe its because the winter water is cooler. I only noticed this in the photos, to my naked eye the water looks the same. It gives me a little clue to why maybe the dolphins do not come into the bay after Sept.

Beach dogs always amaze me. Friendly and out going they love children. This dog needed to pass some time while his owners swam laps in the bay. I watched as he picked up a stick walked over to this little gal, and dropped it in front of her. DID HE KNOW before he dropped it she was gonna pick it up and throw it? Some things dont change..... A Dog and A Child..


Anonymous said…
From where I come from, Green represents hope.

A wonderful weekend for you !
Thank you for this post. This week I read a post about an incident where a dog ran over a woman who was out jogging in a public place and this incident sparked a lot of comment about dogs on leashes, dogs in public places, etc. - sort of all aimed against the poor dog and it did upset me a little. Now you come with this post of the dog and the little girl and it put it all in perspective for me again. Humans and pets (even other people's pets)should be friends and should enjoy each other like they do on your beaches. Another thing that you probably would not even think about twice is how lucky you are to live in an environment where parents feel safe and secure enough to leave their daughter on the beach while taking a swim - Wow!Here in SA no parent can take that chance nowadays and that is so sad and scary. Keep on enjoying this minor paradise that you are living in.
Firefly said…
I'm glad to see the weather still allows you to go out swimming this time of year (or doesn't it get too bad there by you)

I love your new title pic of the turtle eating on the rocks.
Hmmm I guess I don't pay enough attention. Isn't the water always blue? :-) I can be totally oblivious to some things.

I love the Maya Angelou quote.
leilani said…
wow Robert thats sooo cool! =0) A Human.. that gal had a baby brother and later the father ask me to watch the baby while he took the little girl in ...LOL its one of the things I love about the North Shore. Soon Fire the waves will reach 25 feet, I will post pictures of me standing on shore..LOL DON! LOLOL.. you live on the SOUTH side of MAUI, ur water is so BLUE it hurts the eyes! =0P
leilani said…
Fire, thank you! that picture is one of many I have taken of a turtle I call MR.T. he barely tolerates my papparazzi presence! .. I havent seen him for awhile so Im glad i have these pictures of him. =0)

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