Saturday Sand Surfing

Saturday mornings im up Early.. ALWAYS.. MY DAY OFF... on my joyous way down to the North Shore i looked over at the pineapple fields and saw they were having a rainbow party!

I thought with all the rain clouds in the sky, the river would be running into the Bay but it was a beautiful morning there!

A sport that was popular when i was young is making a comeback. Sand Surfing.When i got to the Bay, three kids were taking advantage of the nearly deserted shoreline. They throw their shield- shaped wooden board down on the wet sand, jump onto it, glide across the wet sand to meet with an incoming wave which then rockets the board and them up onto the top of the wave.

This young man was good. He spent alot of time riding the crest of the waves. There were also times the wave would throw him high into the air and his landings did not look like fun!

It takes talent, timing and strong bones and alot of practice to sand surf. Its good to see the kids of Hawaii starting to once again, Sand Surf on a Saturday!


Anonymous said…
Makes one glad as well to see that there are still places and youth, close to nature.
Firefly said…
My brother had a board like that when we were small. I tried it once... fell so hard I saw stars. Actually thought I broke something. But somebody who knows how to makes it look very easy and lots of fun.
You big city people! Out here in the sticks skimboarding has never faltered (maybe because our beaches are less congested and there is room to maneuver). It looks like fun (I've never tried it, though).
leilani said…
I so agree with you Robert. I talked to these kids and they were polite,quiet,and just plain good kids.

OMG Fire LOL.. I think its just soo kool that we live on opposite sides of the world but our kids surf the sand in BOTH places !
leilani said…
LOLOL! Don.. MAUI is the Best DON! its sad really cuz the kids here on Oahu need to spend more time on the other islands. I think it would help with Oahus future. Let kids know what WE SHOULD be!

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