NO Mercy

Akio and I made a trip out to the very Northern tip of the island this weekend.

The Ocean out here is like the wild wild west of the sea!

It is the beginning of winter water and Akio and I were BOTH nearly taken around the island on the strong ocean current! The ocean was going to show us NO mercy at all =0I We both had to get out and be content with staring at Nature in one of its finest forms!

If you are coming to Oahu and want Quiet this is the place to be !

The Turtle Bay Hilton and Resort is the ONLY hotel out here and it is the complete opposite
of Waikiki! The beauty out here is breathtaking!

The turtles love the area thats where the hotel got its name. This week end it was the turtles who were the lucky ones! They dont seem to mind the insane shorebreak!

I am an island gal......


So very beautiful. Must there really be a hotel there? Now if I had the opportunity of spending a couple of nights in it, I would not mind it being there so much - Lol.
Firefly said…
Reading all your posts I kind of assume that you are on the western coast of the islands and that when winter comes the cold fronts moving in turns the see into a boiling pot.
This looks like a wonderful spot, but I would really like to see it in ther calm of summer rather than with the rough seas of winter.
leilani said…
A Human.. the local people out there continue to fight to keep many more hotels from being built. LOL it is a great place to stay.

FIRE.. i sooo agee. I live in the middle of the island but travel to the North side to swim =0I
Dave said…
How can I miss so much a place I can not be ? It is a little like missing heaven only I know that someday I shall live there. "Even so Lord, come quickly."

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