A HUI HOU KAKOU (ah who e ho kah ko )

My friends lOVE this picture.Some of them have lived their whole lives here on Oahu and they STILL ask me, "WHERE IS THIS CAVE AT WAIMEA BAY?"

IT HIDES most of the year! LOL..... I found myself swimming past the cave on monday and smiling. I gave it an "A Hui Hou Kakou" or in english, 'Until we Meet Again" grin and off I swam !

The cave is an awesome example of Mother Nature and Father Time !

I am an island gal......


Dave Mitchell said…
I love this cave. I use to always go to it when I went to the bay. I would sometime set on the cleft right above or beside it and think how fortunate I was to live Hawaii. Now I have to be satisfied with memories of how fortunate I was to live Hawaii.....Thanks for helping me to keep these memories alive through your blog.
leilani said…
Your welcome Dave =0) A Hui Hou Kakou!
Anonymous said…
Aloha Leilani,
once again you were able to surprise. Thank you for that.
Living in this 'ocean of concret and asphalt' your pictures are like an oasis of life.
A wonderful Friday for you.
It is a beautiful cave and photograph. It looks very nice and warm too.
Firefly said…
It must be great to discover and explore a (pirate) cave like that. Specially if not everybody knows its there.
leilani said…
Thank you Robert! I am so happy you liked it! Clueless? I LOVEEE Boston !!
Fire , the waves on the North Shore are getting BIG. I look forward to seeing what the cave looks like next year!

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