Darkness and Light

There is a  man here on the island that comes to the Bay everyday for  a swim. It is his exercise,his workout ,his routine.  He is built like a runner, not an ounce of fat on his body.  He drives into the parking lot , parks his car, dons his wetsuit and off he goes.

He has been coming to the bay for years and those of us who frequent the bay recognize him. Kids recognize him too.  Once  after he completed his morning swim he gathered some high school  kids together and had them dig  open the river bank . He said it needed to be done and so after about 45 minutes the river was running into the ocean and within 10 minutes the  whole bay was filled with muddy, muddy, filthy water.

Now usually mother nature takes care of the union between the river and the ocean and she does it quickly and beautifully. BUT for some reason this man decided he needed to do it.  It was a mess.


I started friendly hellos and good mornings with him and eventually would interject ,"Have you seen the dolphins?" His answer to me was  always ,"No". I began to think HOW is he NOT seeing the dolphins? He is here everyday! so i watched.. sure enough no dolphins while he was in the water. Several times during my swims the dolphins would suddenly dissappear and I would look to the shore and see him entering the water.

 THEN there is Tommy. Tommy is a multi black belt guy who followed me out  on one of my swims.  As soon as we encountered the dolphins he went into a glorious back flip , walrus sounding immitation that had me in tear  jerking, i almost drowned laughter. Tommys presence on the beach i have come to learn, means dolphins, dolphins and more dolphins.  =0)

 I  call it.... Darkness and Light, as defined by the dolphins =0)


Living in the Light....


Anonymous said…
blue seas
breaking waves smell of salt
tonight's light
As the former blog is closed, I would be more than honoured to see your blog list updated with the new one:
All the very best for you and a nice and bright weekend as well.
This is an amazing story and I can quite believe it. Animals do seen to judge people's characters very quickly and accurately. Of course, one of my cats insists on jumping on the laps of people who do not like cats - this always gives me a secret giggle - sort of serves them right!
Barry said…
Animals know, don't they. They are an insightful judge of nature, especially human nature.
Firefly said…
Amazing how somebody like him who is in nature every day not be a nature person. And nature knows. You on the other hand is so close to nature that I'm sure the dolphins pick up on your moods and emotions every day.
leilani said…
I want to thank ALL of you for reading my blog. EACH one of you has enriched my life thru your own blogs. I cannot imagine NOT knowing each of you.

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