Almost Summer

It was beautiful yesterday on the North Shore! It was almost like summer! The dolphins even made an appearance but they stayed WAY OUT THERE and since a shark came up out of the water 3 years ago with a dolphin in his mouth I DONT swim OUT THERE anymore =0I.

There were alot of turtles, so i swam with them trying to hide my forlorn feelings of not being in the midst of the dolphins.

This little turtle i'm gonna name SPEED RACER.. trying to keep up with him was a real challenge!

This is the turtle, i'm almost positive, that i slapped on the head to prevent him from eating a bandaide. See the way hes looking at me? LOL ..

This turtle has a small growth starting on his eye. I know this will probably get bigger and bigger.. sigh... God Bless all the animals on this beautiful planet!

I am an island gal....


Tami said…
Oh they are all so lovely...I've had the pleasure of swimming with Dolphins once but never with Turtles. Thanks for bringing us along with you.
Maithri said…
You are so amazing!!!

One day im comin swimmin with you...but please keep away from Sharks...i cant handle em...seriously!!!!

Lotsa love, M
Firefly said…
Oh man... Swimming with dolphins, swimming with turtles. One day is one day and I will come and visit so that you can take me swimming with them as well. What an absolutely serene experience it must be.
leilani said…
your welcome Tami! =0)maithri.. your work makes my life amazing! the energy you and yor friends do makes this world a much better place! Fire, BRING ur CAMERA! lol i can IMAGINE the shots we could get with ur great picture taking !

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