Mothers and Daughters.

These are the last shots I took of the dolphins one week ago now. The water was not clear , so all three of these shots are not the best. The dolphins are starting to move out and on till next year and although I am going thru my usual feelings of saddness I was overjoyed to see these babies !

Flashback to the 2004.... My daughter Rayna was home for a visit. WE grabbed a bogey board and swam WAYY out to where the mothers and babies were swimming. Curled dorsal fins greeted us meaning these babies were UNDER a month old. A newly married couple had followed us out and when they saw the babies the husband started what he said was an imitaion of a seal !! He was soo overjoyed being amoung the dolphins he went walrus! LOL it was a sight to see...

...NOW 2009 those same babies are the young dolphins that swim around me and I am overjoyed by their presense. I am honored that I have known them almost from birth!
My daughter and I often talk about that day those years ago. She hasnt been home since, so I look forward to her next
visit home maybe next summer when both of us can "HIT THE WATER" swimming with the dolphins, some of them mothers,some of them daughters.


Barry said…
The shots may not be clear but they are beautiful! Thanks for sharing. And I hope your daughter gets out next year to experience all this again.
OCEAN Magazine said…
The photos are beautiful! What a wonderful experience. I'd like to know more about your swims with the dolphins. OCEAN Magazine is featuring a series about dolphins and whales and their communication.
robert said…
Bringing to light the special, many times nearly magic, connection between a mother and her child.
As a father am impressed by it on a daily base.
Respect goes out to you for your writing, thinking and photography as well.
Firefly said…
Seeing your dolphin pics is always special. Do you mean the dolphins now go away for winter and return in spring?
leilani said…
Thank you Barry! next year i will take the pictures and you write the blog! i LOVE ur writing !

Ocean..thank you i got ur name from Faye. I look forward to years of your wonderful work !

Thank you Robert, your shoe story added another smile line to my face =0) I just loved that!

Fire, The Ocean currents on the North Shore are some of the strongest currents ive ever swam in. I have charted currents , the moon, the fish everything to see WHY the dolphin swim into shallow water during June and July, sometimes even May BUT I have not found an answer. I quess maybe its as simple as spring, babies and warm water. Because of the size of the waves on the North Shore during winter they move on out to deeper water or other beaches. Maui seems to be where they like to hang out during winter. LOL .. Now doesnt that sound like a vacation spot !
leilani said…
Ocean.. im sorry it was Kathryn I got your name from ! sheeeshhh if i shake my head a little to the left i can feel the water sloshing in there! =0I

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