I Can Not Believe It!

Remember the blog about the boats sitting in the Bay taking off all at once? WELL ONE of those boats took a real fast video of one of the dolphin passes thru the Bay that day!
The dolphins will make a couple of passes in and out of the Bay, this is one of them. I can remember when it was just me and the dolphins, now its like an obstacle course out there. I think at this particular time I am to the right of the screen in front of the gal on the surfboard. I remember looking up and seeing her headed straight for me.LOLOL.... Almost all of the people in the water are seeing their first wild dolphin. They just happened to be at the beach on this day. It is ALWAYS fun to watch the reactions around me. Some people laughing, some people crying, some people screaming, ALL the people happy ! It is magic.

And this picture is one of the pictures I took that day. I CANNOT BELIVE that we can see whats going on ABOVE water while I show you what i see under water. Notice the sun on the water in the video and the sun shining thru in the picture! =0)

I am an island gal.....


robert said…
'If angles travel, the sky is smiling.'
Firefly said…
I like your pic better. Seeing the underwater view is much better. You were in the best spot that day.
Tami said…
I just love dolphins...love seeing the underwater pictures!
Crazyfox said…
What a beautiful picture of your daughter. I have not seen her in a long time. How do you come across so many dolphins? In all my years of snorkeling, I never did. You truly are a island girl, Please don't ever give up this blog. It is my only connection to the place I love and miss.
OCEAN Magazine said…
Beautiful photo! I love looking up at the surface from underwater.
Maithri said…
You have such a magical life! Its such a pleasure to come here my sister,

Much love, M
leilani said…
I want to Thank all of you for the loving and warm comments. To me each one of you is very special! i find it amazing that we have all found each other thru a common interest. The Ocean and her creatures truly we are all blessed with their presence.

Dave.. its funny cuz on this day as i got out of the water a woman approached
me and said," HOW do you get the dolphins to come to you?" It was a HARD ? for me because all im doing is singing. I had up until 7 years ago like you lived here and NEVER seen a wild dolphin up close. Everytime i am out there i wonder WHY this is happening! Maybe one day i will figure out the answer.

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