Felicia is now a tropical storm. We will know tomorrow evening just how much wind and rain we are going to get.

Islanders continue on as if nothing is going on out there and so the beach was packed with fishermen this morning....

They are there for the once a year run of the fish they call HALALU{HA LA LOU}. There are so many of them they showed up in this picture.

This turtle dove down for a fish this morning and I thought the underneath of his shell was so beautiful !

LOL... I think we ALL are ignoring the fact that we are gonna get DRENCHED here in the next couple days... I will keep you posted..

I am an island gal...


Firefly said…
Hey Island Girl. The best way to avoid getting drenched is to be under water. LOL. We have a sardine run along the South African east coast every year. They pass just outside our bay, but by the time the hit KwaZulu Natal province people are standing on the beach with buckets scooping them out the surf. Its usually a great time to go out and see lots of dolphin, shark, whale and bird activity around the bait balls.
Crazyfox said…
I use to enjoy diving among the Halalu when they were running. Once I got to close to the fishermen and got whacked by a hook and sinker..Ha !
Maithri said…
Wow, your photos are so amazing,

I love, love, love the sea,

Hope the storm is not hitting too hard over there,

With love, M
leilani said…
LOL Fire underwater is my favorite! =0) Dave, this year a woman got hooked and her HUSBAND broke the fishermans pole ! Talk about chaos! oh my goodness police everywhere! Maithri, I cannot think a person the ocean would love more than you !
Parag said…
North Sands is a great place to drop off the boat and float idly down the shoal while enjoying the marine life. South Sands on the opposite end of the reef is home to a great number of rays, skates and sand sharks.
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