Have you ever done something so dumb, so profoundly stupid that you wonder how you manage to survive on this planet day after day?

Today while the dolphins swam around me five and six deep, so close i had to watch my arms, so I didnt get in the way. While they played around me and turned and swam in BEAUTIUFUL side to side harmony with each other I accidentally TURNED my CAMERA OFF!! I got the shutter button and the OFF button confused ! I cannot even begin to tell you the shots I missed. *sigh*

All i could do was shake my head and try to take more pictures but I knew I had managed to really do something really DUMB.

Those white particles you see in the pictures? well, those things show up once in a while, they are translucent and they STING! So not only did I miss some great pictures, I was also in agony, there wasnt a spot on my body that wasnt on fire.

I was feeling pretty foolish, disappointed, dejected and sore as i watched the dolphins swim away....

The funny thing is the worst of times can created the best of times and so you will understand my joy when I tell you that as the dolphins swam away one dolphin turned around and swam back to me and looked at me as if to say, " YAH COMING DUM-DUM ?" I did get a picture of that! LOLOL

I am an island gal.......


robert said…
Isn't life great?!
Once put the kid his shoes on, but the right one left and the left on right...noticed it only at the playground as his walking looked funny.
Remined me of how glad I can be, being able to walk, respectively having taught him to walk.
Please have a nice new week.
Firefly said…
Super pictures again and that's me jealous again.
Any idea what the white stugg is? Some kind of jellyfish perhaps?
leilani said…
RIFL omg Robert THAT is FUNNY !!! Fire , the regulars at the beach tell me it could be stinging seaweed, combined with pieces of jellyfish.. we all cringe every time we see it !

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