Beauty and the Beast

Hurricane Felicias winds have died down to 85 mph making her a Category 1 Hurricane. She was a Category 4 so its good to see this beast of a storm is weakening as she nears the Big Island.

In my life there have been only 2 hurricanes here on Oahu. Each time it has always been the same...

The days leading up to the storm getting here are the MOST beautiful days. This morning was absolutely beautiful.

I am an island gal...


Crazyfox said…
I have fun memories of diving in this spot. Once I saw a five ft sand shark between me and the shore in this very spot. It looked okay and as I (was snorkeling) creeped ever so close it did not move away. I finally got close enough to touch it and the I reached and picked it up for a moment and then let it go. It may have been sick because it never moved except for wagging it's tail. For an old mainland boy, it was a thrill.
leilani said…
Dave it probably was sleeping ! Funny these fierce predators whose bite scares us to death , they fall asleep and they become the vulnerable ones !

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