Nancys Dolphins

I met Nancy at the Bay. A petite business woman, she owns a popular resturant here on the island of Oahu. She is a no nonsense, tell it like it is woman and I like her alot. She likes the dolphins but doesnt spend hours waiting for them like yours truly.

The pod of dolphins I call "The Big Boys" were in the Bay today. Quiet and BIG in size these male spinners are NOT social butterflies ! Nancy has watched me MANY times try to get a close up look at these guys. I never have.. that is until today.

I look over at Nancy while we were in the water and I said, "Nancy call those dolphins over here. Tell them your going on a trip and want to see them before you leave for 2 weeks." Well ,you can imagine my delight when she opened her mouth and out came this voice, you know the little high pitch voice we use when we talk to our pets, "HERE,HERE " she said. I then threw my head back in glee when those dolphins, THE BIG BOYS came right to us. !

I am an island gal........


Maithri said…
How absolutely awesome!!

Thank you for sharing this moment of beauty with us my friend,

Love and light, M
Firefly said…
I'll swop you a giraffe and zebra encounter for a dolphin encounter. Awesome encounter.
leilani said…
You're Welcome Maithri! LOL Fire! I would be so excited standing not far from a wild giraffe, looking into the faroff with them, wondering what they are looking at!!

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