I was sitting on shore, waiting in my never ending Dolphin Quest.The water showed not one sign of dolphins anywhere in sight for miles. Finally in frustration, I went into the water to see if there was anything interesting going on.

The ocean is a beautiful place , but it can also be brutal. I came across this little turtle who had only three fins.

I was feeling rather down about it because this little guy didnt look too healthy and I thought wow these guys really live a hard life out here in the ocean.

I made my way back to shore and was surprised by the squeaking and chirping I have come to know and love. THERE THEY were DOLPHINS!! LOL I went from sad to glad in a micro second!

Some of these guys were big but they were mellow and happy and I so enjoyed hearing and seeing them .I couldnot help but think how i tend to dwell on whats wrong with the world and completely loose focus on whats RIGHT with it ! How extremely lucky we are to live on this blue and green planet !

I am an island gal.....


Firefly said…
What you say is so true. We often worry so much about the wrong things that we tend to miss the good ones. And there is nothing bad swimming along and having dolphins go by.
robert said…
Good morning from Athens,
what an impressive entry, both of its photography and writing.
Reading much about Mo'ikeha and his navigation, made me create my blog, searching for the way to find back into such beauty of life.
leilani said…
LOLOL Fire ! I agree. Thank you Robert. Your writing is delightful!

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