3 Tables

The weather above the water is gray and sunless. Its been that way for most of the week.

It is a WHOLE different story beneath the surface of the ocean.

You almost hear the coral breathing

This Blue Parrotfish ? I could HEAR his teeth hitting the coral picking off pieces of food.
The Hawaiian word for this fish is "UHU". I had to pretend I was a floating log in order to get this close to this fish ! LOL. The colors on this fish are just magnificent!

I took these pictures at a place the locals call 3 Tables. I was looking for Moray eels. BUT as it is with the Ocean, she decides WHO, WHAT, and WHEN you are going to see something! ...LOL I am an island gal......


Firefly said…
Your underwater pics always make me want to go diving. Amazing how the sky can be dull and the underwater life still be bright and "sunny"
robert said…
Good morning from Athens, Greece.
Enjoyed your photography very much, mostly because the sea here is pretty dirty.
Would love to visit such a clear sea one day, until then am glad to have found your site.

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