Snorkel English

I came upon my lunch buddy on Saturday. He's the one i collided with several weeks ago. Here he was eating lunch again in his favorite spot. I respectfully kept my distance but did manage to ask him a question thru my snorkel. I said,"Wa wah wah oo ah wha o ahah o wawa ah o yah ohoh wha?"translation: "Do you think you could turn around so i could get a picture of ur face?"

ummmmmmmmm I about fainted when he turned and looked at me . I think maybe he understood my snorkel english! He looked at me with a look that said ,"OH!, ITS YOU AGAIN !"

I am an island gal. =0)


Firefly said…
You have all the luck. One day if I get the opportunity to visit Hawaii and want to go snorkeling with you.
leilani said…
=0) anytime Fire !!!
Anonymous said…
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