Princess Pond

My daughter Rayna, named this area of the cove "Princess Pond" when she about 6 years old.

It had been at least 20 years since ive attempted to vist this area of the cove.

Crossing razor sharp lava rock is alot harder for me now than it was 20 years ago. My children all three of them could scale these rocks like little crabs.
It is an area of the cove only visible during the summer.

I spent some time swimming in the water on the right side of "Princess Pond". If i wait 20 more years to visit this area of the cove I wont be able to get to it. its a beautiful spot, no one around, the ocean all to myself..... i am an island gal.


Beatiful and interesting as always. Thank you for sharing.
leilani said…
ur welcome =0)
Crazyfox said…
I know where this is because I use to take Steve and mark when they were kids...Didn't think I'df see this again...Thanks,

Dave Mitchell (Crazyfox65)

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