Transported back in time, I visited a Queens home. There are alot of really cool native hawaiian things in the house and although I was not allow to take pictures of the inside of the Queens summer house, i would encourage anyone to visit this beautiful home.

...Prefabricated in Boston in the 1800s, then shipped to Oahu and put together here on the island,gracious women of Hawaii, aptly named Daughters of Hawaii give short tours of the residence. I asked one of them if anything spooky or paranormal happens here. They told me in the room of the young prince , there are strange things happen.
I thought, hmmmm. I took pictures outside and I had another hmmm moment when this tree , which has been here since the days of the Queen, photograph a couple shades lighter.

LOL I am an island gal....


Jo said…
Believe it or not, I have been there, and it is beautiful.

You really do live in the most beautiful place on earth. Bar none!
leilani said…
oh Jo! we do live in a small world sometimes ! =0) I wish i would of known u were here! Funny how many times we all pass by people we will later in life come to know. WHO we meet next is always an adventure !

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