Bright Sun Shiny Day

For the last 2 weeks here on Oahu , the winds have stopped. We call these winds "Tradewinds". They help to keep the islands cool. It has been really hot and the sun has been bright, bright, bright as you can see in this first picture. LOL, I found myself squinting just looking at this picture.

The good part is the water is clear this time of year and with the sun hitting full force on the water, the pictures under the water are just beautiful.

My friends tell me the dolphins were in the bay again on Friday, but i was working, so i missed them. I'm trying really hard not to complain about the 1000 turtle pictures i now have =0I.

It looks like summer is here early with bright sun shiny days, and the 92 degrees it brought with it seem not to matter if you are in the ocean.

There are places on the shoreline that you can get to only in summer. This cave at the bay is one of them. I found myself laughing with pure glee while taking this picture. The cave echoed back my laugh and I found myself falling in love with this planet all over again!

I miss the Tradewinds, but the sun and the ocean seem to get along great !

I am an island gal.....


Linda S. Socha said…
You are definitely an Island gal!Love the photos!
leilani said…
Thank you Linda !! =0)
Beautiful. I would trade for some of that heat in Boston. We've been having a pretty cool, rainy, and generally dreary spring. The water looks so crystal clear.
leilani said…
Clueless!!! Oh i love Boston my daughter lives there! She left to go to college there and never came back home to live ..LOL Thank you so much for the pictures of Boston that my daughter sees every day. I see what she sees thru ur camera !! she works right in the middle of Boston. I visited last year and just fell in love with it. The first missionaries here in hawaii were from Boston so alot of things here in Hawaii have the Bostonian twang to it !!
Crazyfox said…
I love the cave picture...I went in there many times....Oh boy ! the memories.
leilani said…
LOl Crazy!! as I was leaving the kids were starting to roll in. They looked at me like LADY WHY are you in OUR cave??? LOL some things dont change !!=0)

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