The View

As a Native Hawaiian I have been here many times. I have spent hours sitting and thinking.

Rock upon rock , sits one on top the other, built by my ancestors for a place of worship and festival.

The word Kapu, means well "Not Okay" "dont do it","Keep Out".E Malama pono ka po'e Hawaii, means Take care of or be mindful of what you remove from Hawaii. LOL, There are stories of visitors taking home rocks and sending them back because all kinds of weird things start happening.

The whole place is so peaceful, so in tune with nature that time passes very quickly. BUT thats not the best part about this place. The best part?

ITS THE VIEW!!!! LOL. It looks like the ancient Hawaiians liked to see who was coming and going on the island. This view ,along with the quiet of the place just soothes the spirit!

I am an island girl...............


Firefly said…
What an absolute magic site. When I am in a historic site like that its like you can sense some kind of old energy present and I can imagine it being magnified with such an unbelieveble view.
leilani said…
Yes Fire ! u are right on the mark!

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