I came around the corner of this rock to see a turtle eating LIMU ( LIMU is the hawaiian word for seaweed).

Limu is eaten here on the islands in all kinds of dishes, so I thought, "Oh ,I'll join him for lunch."
Right then a wave came rollin over us, and the turtle and i collide. He was real patient with me,after we straightened up, he looked at me as if to say, You Paparazzi are driving me nuts!

My finger must of snapped a picture during the collision, because I got a pic of his fin getting ready to smack me in the head. LOLOL.... i am an island girl.


Now, that is paparazzi that I can stomach, the adventurous!
Firefly said…
You turtle pictures are beautiful. I just got back from a big tourism show and is exhausted. I think I need to go snorkling with you to unwind.
leilani said…
LOl Woman !! Fire ? ur pictures put a smile on my soul !!! I would welcome you with me anytime !!
Dave Mitchell said…
Lani, What kind of camera do you have ? I know it is still the photographer that makes a picture and you are a good on...Thanks
leilani said…
dave , its just an intova... not real expensive but i love it. Now if i could get some dolphin pics id be giddy!!! LOL thank you Dave !

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