Four- Legged Beach Bums.

You can tell a dog that lives near the beach or is brought to the ocean on a regular basis by his owner. They just like us, love the ocean, the sand and the sun.This guy was so happy on the beach today! One thing about dogs if they are happy you know it! Tail-wagging, all four paws off the ground, leaping for joy, beach Bum. LOL they are a sight to watch !!


Firefly said…
As long as he doesn't leave a landmine somewhere to explode under one's foot. LOL
Starlene said…
I'm envious of your unconditional access to scenes such as these. I miss the ocean!
leilani said…
LOL Fire!!! Beach dog owners here on the North Shore are pretty good about dog surprises!! Starlene these beach dogs, live in the beachfront homes or in the area and they, like beach people are just a little different.=0) I need to take more pics of them ! After awhile if you are on the beach enough you begin to recognize them.
When we lived near the beach in Saldanha, we had a spaniel called Chaka who loved the sea. Whenever he got the chance he made straight for the water and then he would visit the troops under training in the dormitories, running over their beds and shiny floors, but they also loved him. Suddenly I miss Chaka a lot!

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