Fish Out of Water!

Not too long ago , while gazing at the overpriced food on the selves in the market, a friend and I who have known each other for years at the beach, walked right by each other. The problem ? Well,away from the ocean, not in a swimsuit, i didnt recognize them wearing every day clothes!! Many of us laugh about it at the beach, because the common, "OH HI, I didnt recognize you with your clothes on" greeting, gives way to some strange stares by other shoppers !!

This week my fiance Warren had a work function to go to that required he wear a suit. I had to take a picture because you talk about a fish out of water !! Warren the beach guy did look pretty good in a suit i must say. I imagine his fishermen friends would of walked right by him! Thats a picture of my daughter Rayna and I in the bottom right corner.


Mmm, nice suit! You better grab him and tie him down before some other beach lady does. Just joking, but he is rather goodlooking, but then, so is the photo in the bottom right corner. Still love your blog and your music.
leilani said…
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leilani said…
LOl A Human !! I should take some pictures of beach guys !!! Some of them are really handsome. Thank you !
Firefly said…
I often think the same kind of thing happens with us bloggers. We will walk right by each other and not know it.

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