The North Shore of Oahu is known as "The country".

Compared to Oahu's Waikiki it is a WHOLE
different world. I stopped for gas yesterday and this was the scene I was lookin at while pumping gas.

I love the North Shore, beautiful beaches, beautiful scenery. I had hit the beach early in the morning and was delighted by the biggest turtle I have ever seen !! He was magnificent!.... the ocean has MANY surprises !!.... I am an island girl


Dave Mitchell said…
Lani..Looks like the turtle I saw once while snorkeling. It was the biggest one I had ever seen. He looked at me like he might want to take a bite so I didn't get any closer. Thanks again for "
taking me back home to Hawaii".
leilani said…
Dave, you know what it might be. this guy went right for deep water, turned around sat on his back flippers raised himself on his front flippers and looked at me like, " Come closer, just try it !!' i backed off right away!

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