Unexpected Places

The water you see here is fresh water. The amazing thing about it is....

IT sits right on the edge of the ocean !! During the summer the ocean calms down, the big waves leave and this pool fills with pure fresh water. As kids we used to rinse off the salt water after our summer swims. Its freezing cold and tastes AMAZING.

videoThe water bubbles up from deep artisian wells, and flows with sparkling wonder from under the lava rocks onto the sand!!! If we truly believe that there is an order to the universe then we can count on the fact that in our lives the sweetest things can come from the most unexpected places !!


Firefly said…
This sounds like a spot from some fantasy story. A fresh water spring only accessable at certain times. Ver cool.
leilani said…
Its been a favorite spot of mine since i was little...LOL Im not really sure how many people know it is even there!! The older folks know, but the yonger folkswell, you know how kids are today.LOL

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