Summer is almost here!!!

Summer is around the corner!!!!! The water is calming down and warming up. Keeping up with this guy yesterday was a workout. I thought turtles were slow???


Firefly said…
The summer may almost be there, but the sad news is that that means the winter is heading down our way. *sniff*

I really think you are very fortunate to have such a wonderful world to live in. I have never seen a sea turtle in the wild before. Maybe we should swop places for a little while and you could come and experience our wildlife and me yours.
leilani said…
OMGOLLY YES!!!!!! lions ,elephants,chetahs, oh my !!!! i can only dream!!! =0).. I have never seen a real life uncaged lion !!!
Jo said…
Do you see that green shade emanating from your computer monitor? That is me -- green with envy. Oh my goodness that is so beautiful!
leilani said…
lol Jo!!! I wish i could write like you !!!
Dave & Betty Lou Mitchell said…
What a great blog...I will be looking at it quite often to see what is going on at "home".

What kind of new camera are you trying out ? Whatever it is you are good.
leilani said…
Dave i have just a little Intova... I love it !!! =0) here is what i wrote about it. =

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