Sexiest beach #12

I saw on the Travel channel yesterday that this beach, Sunset beach is sexist beach #12. I wonder who comes up with these things?? Fly by the seat of your pants, over the top, pulled under by the current, swim for your life beach is what i as a local would call it ... LOL fact the only locals your gonna see out there are on a surfboard or a bodyboard. Now there are ALOT of girls that are ON the beach attracted to the locals that are on the boards out there. MAYBE thats what they mean... lol.. well I am NOT gonna go around taking pictures of bikinis !!! Im just NOT gonna do it !!

I am an island gal......


Starlene said…
I saw that's nice to know sometimes things aren't how they seem on tv. : )
leilani said…
LOl Starlene!!! that way you dont waste money when you come here !! It a beutiful beach just swimming isnt the best. BUT surf meets there like the xCEl PRO are AWESOME !!!!

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