My last post i showed my fiance Warren saving a turtle. How Warren came to have a camera with him goes like this: Warren comes from a L O N G line of fishermen. His family goes back generations making their living from the ocean. He's good at it, he's been taught well. I opened my freezer one day and was JOLTED to the realization that my freezer was FULL of fish, all of them caught on a pole by either Warren or my son Jaren. Now some of these fish had been in my freezer for quite a while. I dont know why but that JOLT included the thought in my brain that "if these fish were STILL swimming they would be HUGE". The thought continued with, "this is SENSELESS!!!!" I proceeded to make an announcement.... "In the future, in this house we will NO longer store fish. We will PUT BACK all that we catch !!! We are not hungry, we do not need to TAKE from the ocean ." Warren looked at me with disbelief, I said, "Yup ,here's the camera ,carry it with you, take a picture of What you catch and then PUT IT BACK". He was looking to catch a fish that day, he saved a turtle. That day changed him, Warren has NOT brought home a fish since. For a man from a LONG line of fishermen this is an act of pure love for the ocean and it creatures, I am so proud of him!!!!


Linda S. Socha said…
Beautiful post! Love it
Loved your post and congratulations on your success with changing Warren's views on where fish belong. However, I want to tell you that the music on your blog is absolutely beautiful. I really enjoy it. Who is the singer?

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