After a couple weeks of cruisin other beaches on different sides of the island, I realized i MISSED my beloved North Shore, so I went back there today!!!! I stopped by Pipeline.
Pipeline, Pipes,Ehukai, is NOT advertised, if you are a surfer-bodyboarder and you are good then YOU WILL know where this is.

It is crazy water!!!! lol... i havent been in the water here since high school, and i remember the last time like it were yesterday. Two men died here that day,it left such a mark on me that i havent been in the water here since. I love the Ocean, she is no respector of persons, she is strong and fierce!!! ....... I am an island girl.


Barry said…
No place for lake-lubbers like me.

Those waves look as tall as Lake Ontario looks deep!
leilani said…
LOl Barry!!! the reef is about 6 inches under you, which makes a wipeout a life threatening experience!!

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