Give Them an Award !!

This is Rod. He was a senior, I a sophmore. I had such a crush on him !!! We recently connected on Facebook. by the looks of things even after ALL these years, he STILL is quite a guy !!! LOL... enough of that!!! I post this because of the picture. Whoever took this picture should be given an award. Thats Diamond Head in the background, it's a picture, that with no words explains how extremely lucky we are to live here.


Linda S. Socha said…
Wopnderful!. Love the phot
Firefly said…
Cool shot. I agree.
leilani said…
I will have to ask him who took it !!
Barry said…
You are extremely lucky to live there.

And I only wish Rod and I looked like we belonged to the same specie!
leilani said…
LOL Barry !!!!

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