Drama at the Bay ?

Something was up at the Bay today. the first picture shows the lifeguards having a mini meeting around and on their ATV. the guy standing with his hands on his waist? thats Mark . he has been a guard since we were in high school. He is the boss now and he deserves it, he is one of the best.

I think what happened is, this group of people in the second picture came to the beach at least 100 of them and brought their own lifeguard!! I can't figure why unless they thought there were no guards there at the bay.

The next picture shows the guard stand from in the water. Now these guards at the bay are some of the best on the planet. I have watched them rescue surfers in 25 foot surf. I guess this group of people didnot know that if your life is in danger these guys got your back !!

The last picture is a photo taken by pro photographer Scott Bass, it shows a 25 foot wave at the bay, those guys on the jet ski? those are the lifeguards!!! LOL They sometimes blow my mind with how fearless they are !!!


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