Thats just how it is.

She swam past me never taking her eye off of me or what was in my hand. She had seen me out there before, but this time i have something in my hand!!! She has her baby to think about . There was an unseen signal given to her child who although older , still swam with mom , so while mom watched me, baby moved from under mom to beside her. MOM kept her body between me and baby the whole time.I felt proud of this mom so intent on protecting her child ,but also i felt like throwing the camera i held in my hand to the high seas, this camera stood between me and her trust and i didnt like it !!! it was because of this short encounter, that I more than likely will leave my camera in my swim suit or better yet on shore. I have missed some wonderful wonderful shots, like the day i took my boyfriend into the water and while surrounded by dolphins his spirit soared so high i caught him doing cartwheels underwater!! my camera sat on shore missing the whole Thats just how it is .


Firefly said…
I have to say I envy you for being able to swim with wild dolphins like that. WOW! What a feeling it must be.
leilani said…
lol... thank you its something i marvel at each day. I just picked up a new underwater camera , I hope to get a few shots this summer !! i will keep you posted !!
Jo said…
You took those wonderful photographs? Omigosh! You live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. How fortunate you are! I would love to see more photographs.

leilani said…
thank you Deola and Jo!! i will keep you up to speed , summer is here soon and i am looking forward to taking some pics. you can go to /naialani for more pics=0)
Barry said…
I never have my camera with me when I need it the most either.

But you've managed some excellent shots.

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