I smile every time i see this sign. The bay has always been a sanctuary for me, and 3 years ago the State of Hawaii made it a sanctuary for the Humpback Whales. Now those of us who frequent the bay and there are a few of us who spend every free minute in the waters of the bay, scratch our heads in wonder. In all the years we've been coming to the bay we have only once seen a whale in the bay. It was a baby humpback and the whole time that baby was in the bay, its mother stayed out of the bay breaching herself silly in the deep water until that baby left the bay and resumed its place next to mom. Although a little confused we are grateful that the bay offically became what we regulars have known for years. That this is a special place , meant to be protected from anything that may cause it and all the the wonderful creatures that live in it, and those who occasionally visit any harm.
I moved on from the bay, to the next beach to continue practicing with my underwater camera . The low tide was changing to high tide while i was there and while i just love the ocean, high tide and a shallow reef can be brutal. LOL the fish seem just fine, what a sight it must be seeing a human being tossed like a rag doll into the rocks. I'm trying to keep from bashing my camera to bits, while simutaneuosly trying not to lose any limbs. I don't remember having these problems with my little 10 dollar disposable camera !!

You would think after ions of saltwater running over these rocks they would be smooth, NOOOOO, the incoming water is moving you thru these rock at mach speed and you see your life flash before your eyes.LOL ........I am as always truly humbled..... I love the Ocean...... i am an island girl.


Barry said…
Although the sun is shining brightly here today and the warm weather of last week took care of most of our snow, it is still well below freezing and I can only look at your beautiful pictures with an envy that is almost painful.
leilani said…
LOL Barry !!! i just love this comment !!! ur way with word is delightful !!

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