Sunday at the Bay

Im gonna mark my calendar. Feb 1,09 , this was the way the bay looked yesterday. Its the middle of winter here on the North Shore, but today it looked like summer ,that is until you dove in. The water was cold ,cold ,cold. I passed one of the regular swimmers, Akio on the way down the beach . He had just gotten out of the water and he was purple. The only sound that passed thru his shaking lips were the words COLD COLD, at least thats what i think he was saying !!! LOL... I love the bay for it to look like this in Feb is very unusual. The paddle board guys LOVED it !! these were beginners you could tell. They spent more time in the water than on the boards. They are always fun to watch. Determination is the key word for a begginner paddle boarder.
Because of the unexpected good weather, the bay on this feb 1,09 was crowded. just when i thought it couldn't get any noiser , here comes the Coast Guard helicopter !!!! OMG!!! now its a good thing there were no dolphins in sight because in the past at the first sound of this helicopter the dolphins HIT THE WATER AND ARE GONE. its days like that ,that make me furious !!! LOL ..... im just an island girl......



Firefly said…
Looking at the two pics it looks like the bay is a very sheltered and calm bay with no big waves. Beautiful. I never thought I'll be able to connect with somebody living in Hawaii who can show me how beautiful the islands looks.
leilani said…
i know it was an unusual day !!! this is Waimea Bay home to the eddie Aikau surf meet. Waves reach 40 feet!!! This time of year its usually so rough the Humpback whales wont even get near it. I also am overjoyed to have an internet friend from South Africa !!!

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