Happy Hermit Crab

I continue to swim with my underwater camera. I am really enjoying myself. After a trek over the rocks , i hit the water with glee. YES !!! in the water and off i go.
Soon after i hit the water i came across a BEAUTIFUL shell. As i reached out to pick it up, I thought to myself WOW this a beauty. Now ive lived here all my life and WAY IN THE BACK OF MY MIND I REMEMBER thinking, LANI be careful , you dont usually see shells like this here. I turned it over, it looked empty , it was so pretty i stuffed it in my bathing suit and swam on.
About 30 seconds later I feel a soft pinch to my skin and i go," OT ROH the shell has already been taken" , by a hermit crab!!!!!.....lol...
If looks could kill, i would not be writing this blog today, needless to say he was NOT a happy hermit crab.!!! LOL ... I said sorry and moved on, just a little sad that beautiful shell could not be mine, but felt better knowing he would soon be a Happy Hermit crab again !!! I love the ocean and ALL the creatures in it ...


Firefly said…
The poor little dude was probably having a snooze when he woke up with a jerk and could not understand where he was. Good thing he just gave you a gentle nudge.
leilani said…
LOl i know!! he was one ticked off crab!!! LOL.

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