I call him "CHATTER". For some reason every time he sees me he opens his mouth and gives me a warning chatter. I am not sure why , but i take each chatter i get from him as a warning. It tells me "be careful, we are wild dolphins" and so I am reminded that this great wide, beautiful ocean that i swim and play in is NOT an amusement park and that i need to be mindful of the creatures and their ways !! He is the dolphin right in the middle of the picture there. The one with his mouth open I get asked if i pet them or touch them. I dont. I remember diving under and putting my face almost to the skin of the dolphin and thinking" do not touch, lani... do not touch." Why? They cant tell me its okay. If someone walked up to me while i was in a public place, a stranger, and touched me i would be a little bent. I feel the same about the dolphins, if they want to touch me, thats fine, but they cant tell me if its okay for me to touch them. I adore these animals and i respect their space. They have changed my life.


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