"Baby Pool" practice.

I am starting a new thing in my life. I got a digital underwater camera. Now for 2 years ive been using a cheap 10 dollar disposable one. No fuss, no bother just shoot and swim. I am hoping i can get my coordination working and take some good pictures. I have several months to practice before the dolphins show up. LOL if you know me , you know this could take years !!!! For example, I stepped out of the water , walked up the beach turned and thought oh a great pic, I forgot to dry the camera off!! So i have a shot of the beach with a big water mark going down the middle of the picture.
i started practicing with my new camera on the west side of the island, the north side where i usually spend my time is too rough this time of year. I went to a place my family calls "Baby Pools", they are man made lagoons for a big hotel and although beautiful, just not what i call good swimming.lol The fish in the lagoons, just seem to be colorless, like the lagoons themselves, but it makes a good practice area !!

These "Baby Pools" are a prime example of how we as humans will never be able to copy what nature has done. i missed my side of the island the whole time I was there, but it was good practice !!


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