So yesterday as i was getting ready to go to the grocery store and buy some eggs, I came to the sudden, mind jaring understanding that Mom has spent a total of years in a grocery store. So many years that i know the shelves by heart. Even in the midst of a total brain fog brought on by an awful case of the Hawaiian FLU, I can find the soup in an instant. I know the store well. i could use you kids to multi task, picking up at least three things at once. I know the grocery store so well that if the grocery powers that be remodel the store it takes MOM YEARS to find ANYTHING because i keep going back to WHERE it USED to be. I know i am not alone. Millions of people spend tooo much time in a grocery store. By the time you kids are my age you will have spent just as much if not more time in the grocery store. After college.... there is the grocery store...lol ......... Today I honor the time we have dedicated to the GROCERY STORE.Since it has been many years since i have had crying children in the car on the way home from the grocery store, I couldnot find WHY in my mind i had not taken this picture sooner . In the far far background Diamond Head, in the foreground the freeway.... in between mass cement. Pave Paradise put up a parking lot. I am an island girl


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