Sooner or Later

I understand that sooner or later I'm gonna have to explain me and the dolphins. Believe it or not for 6 years I've been swimming with them i STILL cant find the words. Let me start with this day. The day i took this picture. By the time i took this pic i had been swimming with the dolphins for 5 years. They came into the bay as they always did, full of life, jumping and splashing and talking a mile a minute. Mom as always broke into instant laughter for these beautiful creatures carry with them joy and laughter. They swam around me , looking at me with brown eyes that appear to be half open. I thought they were going to turn and swim off so mom turned to swim back to shore. Well they decided my swimming needed help and they followed me, some on my right, some on my left. I turned over and started backstroking and took in the absolute WONDER .The dorsal fins to my right and the dorsal fins to my left, so close i needed to watch my strokes. I felt my eyes filling with water and my face just streaming with tears . Tears of joy. They came all the way to shore with me, i was in shallow water and i reached into my suit ,got my 10 dollar camera and took a pic. I will never in my life forget that day. I will never forget, that as i backstroked to shore with dolphins to my left and dolphins to my right two words were being repeated in my mind over and over, loudly, I could not ignore these words , by the time i reached shore i was nearly deaf with the words LOVE and HARMONY.


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