The Colors of Hope

Moms boganvillia tree in the front yard has exploded with blossoms. After i took this picture , I sat looking at the tree and marveled at the color of the blossoms. I then found myself reflecting back to when all of us , you three and mom, lived in the not so nice part of town. There were no blossoms of unique colors, no trees full of green leaves and branches that rustled in the wind.
We were all so poor in material things ,was it the lack of material things that kept the color out or was it someting deeper? Was the lack of Hope that permeated every corner of the not so nice neighborhood ,what kept out the flowers and the trees.? Mom thinks so. I then noticed that huge thorns protected the blossoms on moms tree in the front yard and I thought, those beautiful blossoms have their own bodygaurds !!! And so it is with Hope. We must protect it,honor it and not let anyone destroy it. Hope is what brings the color into our lifes and protecting that hope is what keeps the color there.


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