I call him or her Jig-e-wig. When i see a young young dolphin, it is usually in a trio of dolphins. Mom,baby and an aunt or Uncle. This day was no different. Three of them swimming, the baby right up against moms body. What was different this time, was when baby saw me, he or she turned away from mom and started swimming towards me. The minunte he or she left moms side though, they lost their swimming rythmn . I dont think i have ever seen anything quite as cute. Here this precious little baby dolphin , bright eyed with curiosity , doing a full body dance in the water and going nowhere!!! I took one picture before laughter got the best of me. What happened next, is the shot i wish i would of gotten on camera. Uncle or Auntie seeing this little guy doing a dance to nowhere ,swims over to him or her and with a touch of their nose to the side of the young dolphins body, straightens the little guy back up against mom and off they swim !! i remember thinking I bet you that baby dolphin is a handful!!! LOL ... one baby, two dolphins, wonder if the dolphins know something we dont? LOl... thats him or her right in the middle of the picture.


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