In the Beginning.....

When i first saw this pic developed I thought it was a shark. LOL.. a marinebiologist told me its a BIG MALE spinner. They swim the outskirts of the pod protecting it. It will be 7 years this summer that your MOM was swimming along not paying much mind to anything when ALL OF A SUDDEN in front of me a BIG dolphin surfaced and looked me straight in the eye. I swear he was smiling!!! Honestly he SCARED the bejebes out of me. Kids mom has come to realize in the last 6 and a half years that this big dolphins sonar picked up i needed help. Not the physical kind of rescue,but a rescue of my inner self ,my spirit. I think that is why the words about me and the dolphins are so hard to come by. Most times for me it seems surreal, like this COULDNOT possibly be happening, I couldnot of gone thru such a change in spirit because of DOLPHINS !!!
But..... well kids they have changed my life.. simple as that. LOL... the beginning started with a BIG dolphin.


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