Gifts of Joy.

I swam among the spinner dolphins without a mask and snorkel for 4 years. Just me, alot of dorsal fins and the song of the dolphins in my ears. I would see them pass under me but never knew just how beautiful it was until i put on a mask. I was glad when i finally picked up a camera, that i got this shot. It is impossible NOT to be overcome with joy when you are in the presence of the dolphins. I have seen it many many times. People smiling , laughing even crying with the gift of joy the dolphins carry with them. I am forever grateful for the gift of joy they have given to me. Their gift has taught me a whole new way of living. How powerful a life can be that is commited to giving the gift of joy!!


Barry said…
I've only seen dolphins in water parks. I envy you.
leilani said…
Barry i feel we all each of us have a certain "thing" we were born for. I I envy your gift for words !!! Your blogs rock !!!!

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