Where i live there are rainbows

When mom first moved onto Hauola Ave she had no idea the rainbows she saw from her porch were a sign that moms life was about to change.This song has long been a favorite of moms. I want you guys to know i love you each so much and the reason mom was born was to give birth to each of you.live ur lives not for what you know but for what you donot know, give to the universe all the positive you can and watch the world changed for you. All the things you can buy are not as important nor as lasting as all the free gifts the universe has already given you !! At night when mom sits on the porch she sees falling stars, those are harder to catch on camera !!!!!The sights the universe provides for us though often ignored are without a doubt ,the most magnificent gifts we as humans have been given !!! LIVE LAUGH LOVE!!!!


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