Warren Saves a Turtle

My fiance' Warren is not a small man. There is nothing danity about him. He was fishing off the shore and saw this little guy. It took him a minute to realize this little guy needed help. I can only imagine what this little turtle thought when he saw big Warren coming his way...LOL. I love how Warrens voice changes as he is rescuing this turtle !! He was smiling about this for days !!!

right click on the music player, hit stop the music will stop.=0)


Veronica said…
This is just superb! Warren deserves to smile about this for a long, long time - I'm smiling too!! Warm wishes to you both, Vxx
leilani said…
thank you Veronica!!! I will post more of his ocean adventures!!
Firefly said…
YAY! for Warren. Something like that deserves an applause. Some people would have just walked past and left him there or may have been to afraid to touch it.

Thanks for all the visits and comments on my blog. I haven't had a lot of chance checking out everybody's blogs lately, but will try my bestest to visit when I get a chance.
leilani said…
I enjoy ur BLOG so Much !!! Thank you for the pictures!!!

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